The Best Outdoor Heating Reviews

Making it easy to research outdoor heating solutions to keep your family, friends and pets warm and enjoying the outdoors


Patio heaters

Looking to enjoy your patio relaxing and entertaining with friends as the days or nights get cooler? We make choosing the patio heater that meets your needs easy whether it’s a pyramid, inverter or wall mounted model.

We give you detailed reviews of the best outdoor patio heaters so you can start enjoying your patio sooner!


Garage heaters

Most garages are uninsulated and feel like an icebox when the cooler weather kicks in. If you have maintenance, projects or hobbies you want to do from the garage, outdoor heating will help with your comfort and safety as well as protecting your car and tools against the cold.

Our detailed buyers guides will give you all the background information and product reviews to help get you to your garage project faster.


Camping and RV heating

Are you looking for the freedom of traveling where and when you want camping but you want to help to keep family and friends warm? Having outdoor heating on hand will help make your adventure more comfortable.

Whether you are looking for a tent heater, car heater or something to stay warm when you’re outdoors, we help you choose the best heater for you planned use.

Garden and Yard Heating

Backyard heating

There are lots of options for outdoor heating for gardens and backyards, but knowing where to start, can be confusing.

Research how to choose garden heaters and backyard heaters.  Check out our detailed reviews to find the best outdoor heating so you can enjoy your space more as the temperatures get cooler.


RV Heating

Looking for limitless travel unconstrained by the temperatures? Recreational vehicle heating can suit your RV, 5th wheeler or pop up camper.

Our detailed information and reviews for RV heating and other vehicles will help you discover what’s available so you can choose what will best suit you.

Pet Outdoor

Pet outdoor heating

Does your furry friend (or family member) live outside and you want to make sure it is more comfortable as the temperatures get cooler?

Our detailed information and reviews for dog heaters and cat heating solutions will help you discover what’s available so you can choose what will best suit you.

Discover the Perfect Outdoor Heating Solution – The Easy Way

Expert research, reviews, and comparisons for an enjoyable outdoor experience

Embrace the captivating ambiance and unforgettable moments created by the perfect outdoor heating solution. Experience the freedom, flexibility, and connection that come with the ultimate outdoor heater for gatherings with loved ones.

Choosing an outdoor heater can be daunting, with countless options and information to sift through. How do you pick the best one? Ensure its safe operation? Understand the costs and efficiency involved?

At Best Outdoor Heating, we simplify the process, saving you time and helping you make informed decisions. Our website offers a wealth of quality information on diverse outdoor heating options for homes, recreational areas, and even pet-friendly solutions as temperatures drop.

Trust our top-notch buyer’s guides, insightful reviews, and detailed comparisons for intelligent buying decisions. We’re dedicated to saving you time and money, guiding you to the perfect outdoor heating solution tailored to your unique needs.

best tent heater 2023

Our Top Category Picks for 2022

Best Whole Home Generator
Quietest Camping Generator

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Quietest Home Generator
Best Portable Camping Generator

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Best Backup Generator for Home
Best Generator for RV’s

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Our Top Outdoor Heating Category Picks for 2023

Amazon Basics 46,000BTU Patio Heater
Best Freestanding Patio Heater 2023

An affordable, powerful patio heater, that’s easy to move around and sturdy. Available in a range of colors and finishes to match your style. A hit amongst thousands of purchasers!


Best tent heater 2022, Mr Heater Buddy
Best tent Heater 2023

An affordable propane heater with safety features to warm up your tent and keep you warm and enjoying your trip. Choose the amount of power that suits your tent size.


Electric Patio Heater
Best electrical Patio Heater 2023

Highly versatile with the option to wall mount it or use it freestanding, this electrical patio heater is a great alternative for occasional use available in a range of sizes.

Lasko Ceramic Tower Heater 755320
Best RV Heater 2023

A portable RV heater well suited for occasional trips when the weather gets cool. Affordable, sturdy and with all the safety features to help you better enjoy your RV adventure.

Outdoor patio heaters
Best Garage Heater 2023

An efficient, cost effective garage heater that will keep you warm when you are working or enjoying a hobby in the garage.


Heatings Mats Can Help Keep Dogs Warm Outdoors

An insulated, heated doghouse raised off the ground to keep you dog warm outdoors. Available in a  variety of sizes to suit your pet.


UNCOVERING the best outdoor heating OPTIONS

Leveraging expert insights to meet your unique requirements

How to choose outdoor heaters

At Best Outdoor Heating, we offer specialized knowledge about home and recreational outdoor heating solutions from a user’s perspective. Our comprehensive buyer’s guides walk you through essential background information, helping you determine your specific needs.

Our thorough research and evaluation process examines various outdoor heaters across multiple categories, highlighting the unique features and advantages of each product. By considering the pros and cons of different models, we present you with options based on price points, product availability, and personal preferences.

We also gather and summarize user feedback, saving you the time and effort of sifting through countless reviews. Our goal is to reduce the overwhelm associated with choosing the perfect outdoor heater, empowering you to make well-informed decisions and enjoy your outdoor spaces even in cooler temperatures.


Comprehensive resources to simplify your outdoor heater selection journey

When researching outdoor heaters, our buyer’s guides provide essential background information on various heating options, guidance on making the best choice for your needs, safety considerations, and other crucial decision-making factors.

Our buyer’s guides cover a wide range of outdoor heating types. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, join our email list and we’ll send you updates as we regularly add new content to our website.

Key Considerations for Choosing Outdoor Heaters

Here are some general factors to keep in mind when selecting outdoor heating solutions. Be sure to consult our buyer’s guides, which cater to specific types of outdoor heating.


  • Purpose – Identify your primary objective for using an outdoor heater – whether it’s for a patio, garage, open backyard, or another area. Different heating solutions suit various applications, and you need to ensure the heater type is suitable and safe for your intended use.
  • Fuel Source – Consider the fuel source available in the area you want to heat, such as electricity, natural gas, propane gas, or wood heaters or what will be most fuel efficient on an ongoing basis.
  • Ventilation – Assess whether the space is enclosed (e.g. a garage or enclosed patio) or open with natural ventilation. Electric outdoor heaters may be better suited for enclosed spaces to avoid gas buildup.
  • Size – How big is the area you want to heat? BTUs (British thermal units) are used to measure the output – the higher the number, the more powerful the heater will be and the bigger the space that can be heated.
  • Direct or Indirect Heating – Are you looking to heat an area and people when entertaining so you want a larger space to be warm – or do you want direct heat towards where people will be positioned (like sitting at a table or working at a garage bench)?
  • Portability or Permanent Installation – Do you want to be able to move your heater around – on your patio or for camping? Or do you have a natural gas line or want hardwired electrical heaters?
  • Style – What’s the look and feel you want your outdoor space to have and how stylish do you want your heater to be?
  • Budget – How much do you want to spend on your heating? You’ll find low, mid-end and top-end pricing for each type of outdoor heating so having a budget in mind is useful. We’ll also help you with buyer guides for different budgets to make your choice easier.
Choosing outdoor heaters
Choosing outdoor heaters
Choosing outdoor heaters

Summary of Categories of Outdoor heating options

Patio Heaters

Transform your patio into a cozy space for family and friends with various heaters suitable for covered patios, screened patios, garages, and decks. Options include freestanding, wall-mounted, ceiling-hanging, and tabletop models powered by electricity, natural gas, or propane. Heat can be directed out from the top or downwards. Our detailed buyers guide patio heaters will walk you through all the background information to help you select what option will best suit you.

Garden and Yard Heating

Enhance your backyard or garden gatherings with outdoor heaters, including wood-fired fire pits and propane gas freestanding heaters for occasional events. Consider appropriate positioning to avoid proximity to trees or bushes. Pond heating options are available for pond gardens or fish in areas prone to freezing.

Pet Outdoor Heating

If you have a dogs or cats that live or sleep outdoors, heating for their dog house or cattery can make them more comfortable in winter. Heated mats are also a great option and suit pets with arthritis to help relieve discomfort in cool temperatures. Heated water bowls will stop your pets water from freezing over so they’re still hydrated in cold temperatures. Heating can also suit bunny hutches and other outdoor pets.

Garage Heaters

Whether your garage is for work or play, garage heating will help to make your time there more comfortable and allow you to work more safely. You’ll also improve equipment longevity in your garage with heating solutions such as natural gas, propane, and electric heaters, both installed and portable. Our buyers guide garage heaters will help you navigate the choices.

Camping Heaters

There’s nothing like the freedom of traveling where you want and knowing you have heating to still be comfortable. Camping heating includes heating for inside your tent, car/ trailer tents and outdoor areas.  And if you are into other outdoor adventures, you’ll find options for hunting heaters and fishing heaters in this category on our website. Start your camping heater research with our guide covering background information on what you need to know.

RV Heating

Looking for freedom and the enjoyment of nature on your wheels?  RV heating provides options for your RV,  5th wheeler and camper van. Whether you are looking for an RV heating solution that can keep you warm for an occasional trip or a more permanent solution to give you the absolute flexibility to travel where and when you want, we’ll cover RV heating background information and reviews for RV heating.

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Our Latest outdoor heating product reviews

Frequently asked questions about outdoor heating

What size patio outdoor heater do I need?

This depends on the size of the area you are wanting to heat. Power is measured in BTUs for gas heaters and the higher the BTUs, the bigger the area that can be heated. For example, a 200 square foot area would require a 6,000 BTU heater, 400 square foot a 10,000 BTU heater and 600 square foot we’d recommend a 14,000 BTU heater. Electrical heaters measure power output in watts.

What size patio outdoor heater do I need?

This depends on the size of the area you are wanting to heat. Power is measured in BTUs for ga heaters and the higher the BTUs, the bigger the area that can be heated. For example, a 200 square foot area would require a 6,000 BTU heater, 400 square foot a 10,000 BTU heater and 600 square foot we’d recommend a 14,000 BTU heater. Electrical heaters measure power output in watts.

How do I choose what type of patio heater will best suit me?

The type of patio heater that will suit depends on the size of the area you are wanting to heat, the power source available (electricity, natural gas or propane gas), where you want to position the heater whether it is an open or closed area and whether you will want to move the heater. The choices you have include freestanding or floor heaters, wall mounted heaters, hanging heaters from the ceiling or tabletop heaters. Outdoor heaters are continuing to become more stylish and there are many options that will help you find something to suit the look and feel you want for your patio and outdoor entertaining space. Our detailed patio heater buying guide will help you choose what will best suit you.

What fuel do outdoor heaters run with?

Outdoor heaters run on electricity, gas (propane which you buy in tanks or natural gas connected to your gas line) or wood. Some solar heating is also available. So the kind of heater you choose will depend on the power source you have available in the area you want to heat. Safety precautions need to be considered for each heater type ensuring they are positioned on even ground and away from and hazards such as trees and furniture. Propane gas heaters should not be used in enclosed areas due to the buildup of carbon monoxide which can cause poisoning and death.

How can I keep my dog, cat or bunnies warm outdoors?

The amount of heating that will help keep your per warm outdoors will depend on its breed and how well adapted it is to cool temperatures. There are heated doghouses, insulation, heated pet mats, pet jackets and shoes and heating lamps that will help. Some of these options rely on electrical power so need power to the area where your pet sleeps.  Consider the safety features which will ensure your pet doesn’t overheat, burn itself on heaters or bite through cables. Heated water bowls are a great option to prevent water from freezing over and ensure your pet stays hydrated in the cold. 

Can outdoor heating get wet and be rained on?

Yes, your heater can generally get wet however storing it out of the rain or snow and covered will help to prolong the life of your outdoor heater. Electrical heaters should not be left in the rain. Check the specific details of the manufacturer’s instructions for their recommended requirements so you do not void the warranty. We’ll also note any specific requirements for the models which we review in each category. Some outdoor heating models have the option to purchase a cover that is specific to a particular model and these create the best fit to protect your heater against the elements.

Can I use outdoor heating on a wooden deck?

Yes as patio heaters are made for outdoor spaces, they can be used on timber decks but do not leave them unattended and make sure they are kept on a flat surface. Do not use wood fired heaters that can produce embers on timber decks.

What outdoor heating is safest for children?

For patio heaters, our recommendation is that electrical heaters which are hardwired and mounted on the wall or ceiling are the safest option for children as they are out of reach. They won’t be able to walk into them or trip over power cords both which create a risk of injury. For backyard and garden heaters, children are likely to be intrigued with fire and naked flames (who isn’t!) so you’ll need to ensure extra supervision if you go with these options. Don’t leave children unsupervised around any heating.

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